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Begun as a project with a wide view and no particular goal, Foxhole has been writing, recording and performing since the turn of the century. The early days saw prolonged themes and occasional vocals, culminating in the self-issued “EP1” in 2002. Its five songs were recorded in the three-bedroom Bowling Green apartment where all of the band members lived at one point or another; packaged in hand-sewn, hand-inked canvas with hand-embossed liner notes, it has long been out of print and has no realistic hopes of a return.
(A follow-up release, “EP2:X,” followed the band on their first tour of the East Coast and contained live recordings of improvisational songs from the performances. Its copies numbered less than 200, and its hopes of return are even more dim than its predecessor’s.)

Foxhole finished its first full-length release, “We the Wintering Tree,” in 2004. First pressed by the now-defunct Selah Records (Anathallo) and recently reissued on Philadelphia’s Burnt Toast Vinyl (Denison Witmer, Saxon Shore), the album explored life, death and rebirth. It was (and is still) critically heralded by reviewers the world over. Really.


In May 2006, after roughly 18 months of recording and pre-production, Foxhole released the short album “Push/Pull” on BTV. Inspired by the death of videographer and friend Aaron Marrs on an ill-fated crabbing ship in the Bering Sea, the album was released in two forms: as a standalone CD and as one-fourth of a 2xLP vinyl with Questions In Dialect, Soporus and The Magic Lantern.

As of this writing, Foxhole is hard at work on a second full-length, in hopes of a release in the first half of 2010.

Foxhole is all of these: Adam Moore, Derek Holt, Greg Leppert, Justin Shepherd, Brian Toppenberg and Chris Vicari.

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